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Education has a social purpose that changes with the change in the society. Nepal experienced a great revolution in 2062-2063 B.S. and now it is a Federal Democratic Republic. This has led to a massive change in the existing curricula to suit the new social, political, historical, geographical and environmental contexts.

The present content is based on the new syllabus designed by the Curriculum Development Centre of Nepal Government in the year 2065 B.S. Creative Social Studies series is prepared especially for the students of English Medium schools of Nepal. It is a planned graded series to fulfill the needs of students and the facilitators in the changed situation of Nepal and address the issues of 21st century learning in the world. The text entirely revolves around the concept of “Knowledge to Wisdom, Information to Application.”

We hope this series of Creative Social Studies will cater the need of the students and facilitators. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the Principals and the Facilitators who have recommended this website for their students and the future of Nepal. We look forward to hearing from facilitators, intellectual and the students’ opinions and constructive suggestions.

Sushil Silwal

Specialties of Creative Social Studies

  • This Creative Social Studies Series is a step forward in progressive and liberal teaching-learning methodologies required for the 21st
  • The text is prepared for student-centric teaching in which the teacher plays the role of a facilitator.
  • This series is a complete lesson plan for all facilitators.
  • Each topic has a specific objective mentioned in the lesson which provides a clear roadmap on how learners are to proceed forward.
  • Each topic contains four different group works based on specific objective of the lesson.
  • The group work focuses on collaborative learning which emphasizes on research, data collection, data analysis, generalization and presentation.
  • Home assignment has been set in such a way that it develops family and social values in children and achieves meta-learning at the same time.
  • The learners get ample opportunities to foster their public speaking/oratory skills.
  • Each day, the lesson begins with a short skit/role play/discussion/presentation/debate which creates a healthy and lively environment in the classroom situation and it is an effective way to review and revise the previous topics. The concept for such activities has been clearly given in the text that helps to widen the learning horizon and achieve the set goals.
  • The reference materials for daily home assignment have been mentioned in each lesson in the text book.
  • Latest pictures, information and authentic dates are included to clarify the doubts of the students and teachers both.
  • After the completion of each unit, a set of questions are given for quiz contest among the groups. This makes the students understand every detail of the unit. It is a part of evaluation for facilitators and a good revision method for students.
  • The text prioritizes on the division of class into 4 inclusive groups.
  • The group activities in each topic focus on poem writing, dialogue writing, letter writing, and article writing and inculcating democratic values along with the main concept of the lesson. Thus, the students get a complete flavor of society in it.
  • To provide an additional challenge to the students and promote their creativity, several excursions have been planned in the series which will definitely help them for their further studies too.
  • At the end of each unit, project work and detail process of report writing have been given in order to develop their habit of reading newspapers, visiting library and different educational sites in the internet and visiting different historical, religious, geographical, archaeological sites and other heritages in the country. This helps to develop the sense of belongings in students.

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