DLE Collection (Our Past)

Unification of Nepal and Regency of Rajendra Laxmi

Group A

  1. Write an advantage caused by unification of Nepal.
  2. Why did the kings of Gorkha have good relationship with Bhaktapur?
  3. Why were the Gorkhalis defeated twice in Nuwakot? Write down any one reason.
  4. When did Gorkhalis conquered Nuwakot?
  5. Why is Prithvi Narayan Shah called the builder of the nation?(kailali 2069)
  6. What was the cause of Rajendra Lasmi to take vicegerent of the King Rana Bahadur Shah?(Banke,2069)
  7. In which battle was Jayant Rana assassinated?(ktm 2069)
  8. Why was Prithvi Narayan Shah defeated at the first attack over Nuwakot?Write any two reasons(ktm 2066)

Group B

  1. “Queen Rajendra Laxmi was a powerful women” Justify.


Group C

  1. Write a letter to your friend mentioning the events of unification on Nepal.
  2. What is meant by Regency? Evaluate the role of Rajendra Laxmi and Bahadur Shah in the history of Nepal.(Bhaktapur 2065)

Social works of Rana Prime Ministers

Group A

  1. Which Rana prime minister has allowed to publish Gorkhapatra?
  2. Mention any six social reforms of Rana Regime.
  3. Why is Dev Shumsher  regarded  as a reformer prime minister out of Rana prime ministers?(lalitpur,2069)
  4. Mention any two social reforms done by Dev Shumsher (Banke 2067)
  5. Which Rana Prime minister of Nepal established Tri Chandra College?(Rupandehi 2065)


Group C

  1. Write down the social reforms of Rana Prime ministers of Nepal and explain their positive influence in our society.( kailali, 2068; Bhaktapur 2067; kailali 2067)
  2. Make a list of social reform made by Rana Prime Minister Chandra Shumsher.( Bhaktapur 2069).
  3. There were several reforms made by the Ranas eventhough the Rana rule can’t be considered good. Prepare a dialogue showing the social reforms during the Rana rule.(ktm, 2065)
  4. Complete the following table
      S.N  Rana Prime minister  Reforms
1.  Jung  Bahadur Rana
2. Bir Shumsher
3. Dev Shumsher
4. Chandra Shumsher
5. Bhim Shumsher
6. Juddha Shumsher
7. Padma  Shumsher
8. Mohan Shumsher


Major Achievements between 2007 B.S to 2046 B.S

Group c

  1. By mentioning the social and economic reforms from the data of 2007 B.S to 2046 B.S evaluate them in your own style. (Banke 2067)


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