Latest DLE Set Collection Civil Awareness

Civil Awareness
Social Rule
Short Answer questions
1. What is meant by Social Rule?
2. What is meant by Social Rule? Write in one sentence.
Long Answer questions
3. Prepare a model of class rule required for your class.
4. Prepare a model of social rule that is required for the place where you live.

Human Rights
Short Answer questions
1. When did UNO declare Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
2. What is mentioned on the article No. 1 of universal declaration of human rights?
Long Answer questions
3. Make a list of any six questions that can be asked to the president of National Human Rights Commission about the present state of human rights in Nepal.
4. Explain the present condition of Human Rights in Nepal.

Women’s right
Short Answer questions
1. There is gender inequality in Nepali society. What is its main cause?
2. What is meant by women empowerment?
Long Answer questions
3. Violence against women is increasing day by day in Nepal. What are its causes? Mention any solution.
4. Why are Nepalese women backward in every sectors? What should be done for women empowerment?
5. What is meant by Women Empowerment? Mention the efforts of GoN, NHOs and INGOs to empower women.

Inclusiveness and its provision in Nepal
Short Answer questions
1. What is social security?

Long Answer questions
2. Why was inclusive system adopted in Nepal? Mention any eight causes.

Characteristics of our constitution
Short Answer questions
1. What is interim constitution?
2. What type of constitution is ‘Interim Constitution’?
3. When was interim constitution of Nepal 2063 promulgated?
4. How has interim constitution 2063, defined Nepal?
5. What is mentioned in part 3, article 21 of the interim constitution of Nepal, 2063?
6. What is constituent assembly?When was the election of constituent assembly II held?
Long Answer questions
1. What is interim constitution? Write any seven features of it. (Kathmandu 2071, Lalitpur 2071)
2. Mention the causes due to which the first Constituent Assembly was not able to issue constitution.
3. Prepare a chart of salient features of interim constitution, 2063.
4. What is Democracy? Democracy ruling system is considered as the finest ruling system. Why? Present your logics.

Few past questions from DLE
Group A (1 marks) Short Answer questions

1. What is constituent assembly?
2. Constitution is the main law of the nation. What is the main reason behind the delay of constitutional framing process?
3. Write your view in a sentence on the work of constitution assembly.
4. When was the last date of announcing new constitution in Nepal?

Duty of the citizens
Long Answer questions
1. What is citizen’s duty? Explain any four citizen’s duty in brief.
2. What is civil duty? Explain any free civil duty in brief.

Organs of Government
Short Answer questions
1. What is proportional representation?
2. What is bill? How does it become law?
3. Judiciary is called the guardian of the law, why?
4. Give an example of Uni-cameral and bi-cameral legislature.
5. Which organ of government executes law?
6. Why is judiciary called the guardian of the constitution? Write in one sentence. (Kathmandu 2071, Lalitpur 2071)
7. What is bill. (Makwanpur 2071)
Long Answer questions
8. How is present legislature of Nepal composed? Mention the functions of legislature.
9. Among the three organs of the state legislature is the most important. Why?
10. How is chief justice of Supreme Court appointed? Make a list of functions of Judiciary.
11. How do the organs of Government control one other? Explain.
12. Judiciary must be kept far from politics, why?
13. How would you rule the country if you were Prime Minister of Nepal?
14. Prepare and editorial on “The importance of Executive.”