BLE(Basic Level Examination) Questions

Growth of Population and Its Management

8.1 Measures for Management in Population Growth

GROUP A (Short answers)

  1. Why does illiteracy cause population growth? (Kailali 2067)
  2. Mention any 5 measures for population control and explain and in short.
  3. Enlist any four causes of population growth.
  4. Write 4 causes of population growth.

GROUP B (long answers)

  1. Write at least 5 ways for population management in our country?
  2. How do social norms and values increase population growth? Write any four reasons.

8.2 Interrelationship between Population Management and Quality Life

GROUP B (long answers)

  1. When population increases the quality of education cannot be provided? Give reasons
  2. Write four elements that affect the quality of life. (Lamjung, 2070)
  3. What is the quality of life (Chitwan, 2070)
  4. “The size of a family must be small for quality of life.” Why?
  5. A small family is a happy family. Give four reasons.
  6. What is the quality of life? Write any two elements of quality of life.

8.3 Problems in Population Management in Nepal

8.4 Solutions to the Problems of Population Management

8.5 Role of International Organizations in Population Management

GROUP B (long answers)

  1. Write down the two objectives of the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).