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Required pictures: Map of Nepal containing different highways, train, cable car, plane, bus, ship
Objective: To find out the available transport services in Nepal and promote and use them wisely.
Development of transport is a basic need for the development of a country. Nepal still lags behind in the modern transport system. The topography and poor economy of Nepal have hindered the development of transport. However, there has been noticeable effort made to improve the transport system.
a. Roadways: Roadways are the oldest routes in the world. After the wheel, steam engine and petrol engine were invented; new vehicles came into being which made travelling a great deal faster, cheaper and more comfortable.
In Nepal, there are many hindrances in the construction of roads. It is a mountainous country and it is difficult to construct roads in high snow capped mountains and hills. It is very expensive and time consuming. Besides this, we also lack adequate money, skilled human power, machinery and equipments.
Some of our main Highways:-
Name of the Highways Distance Linking Places
Tribhuvan Highway 192 km Kathmandu-Raxaul
Arniko Highway 114 km Kathmndu-Kodari
Prithvi Highway 174 km Naubise-Pokhara
Siddhartha Highway 180 km Siddharthanagar-Pokhara
Madan Bhandari Highway 50 km Dharan-Dhankuta
Bhim Dutta Panta Highway 135 km Dhangadhi-Dadeldhura
East-West (Mahendra) Highway 1028 km Mechi-Mahakali
B.P. Highway 174 km Banepa-Bardibas

In addition to these, we hve Pokhara-Baglung highway, Beni-Jomsom Highway, Ratna Highway (Kohalpur-Surkhet), Charali-Illam highway, Pasang Lhamu highway (Kathmandu-Rasuwa), Madan-Ashrit highway (Narayanghat-Muglin) etc.
Roads continue to play an important role in the modern system of transport. They cn be boon for the high mountains where trains cannot reach. They can be built to connect the smallest village to major cities.
b. Airways: People cherished the dream of flying from the earliest times. But it was only about two hundred years ago that people began to experiment with hot air balloons. In the 19th century, the Wright Brothers developed the flying machine in the USA. It was the first aeroplane. Lter, people made bigger and better aeroplanes. Today, along with passengers, goods are also transported by air to every part of the world. Air transport is safe and convenient but it is still expensive.
Air transport is the second major means of transport in Nepal. Civil Aviation was started in the year 2008 B.S. in Nepal. Today, we have Nepal Airlines, Yeti Airlines, Cosmic Air, Asian Air, Buddha Air, Garud Air, Everest Air, Lumbini Air, Skyline Air, Mountain Air, Karnali Air, Sita Air as the domestic airlines. We also have Indian Airlines, Bangla Biman, Pakistan International Airlines, Thai Air, Singapore Airlines, Korean Air, East-China Air as international airlines. Today, many places of Nepal and the world are connected with airways.
Due to the expansion of airways, more and more tourists come to Nepal. Air services have made many places accessible, internal communication easier and Nepal is well known to the outside world.
c. Railways: railway system is equally important to modern system of transport. Most parts of Nepal have big rocks, high hills and mountains. So, railway services are available only in limited places of plain land of Terai region. Railway service was started in Nepal in the year 1985 B.S. It linked Raxaul to Amlekhgunj and the length was 50 km only. It was called Nepal Government Railway. Now, it is not in the operation. Another railway is Nepal Jaynagar Janakpur Railway. It strted its service in the year 1992 B.S. It operates from Jaynagar in India to Bijlapur in Nepal via Janakpur. Its total length is 53 km. Government of Nepal has the plan to construct railways from Sunauli to Butwal, Jogbani to Dharan, Janakpur to Bardibas and East to West in terai.
d. Ropeway: Ropeway can be the most important transport for carrying goods in a mountainous country like Nepal. It is cheaper than other means of transport. It was started in Nepal in the year 1985 B.S. from Gorshingh to Matatirtha in Kathmandu (22 km). It expnded its service to Teku in the year 2004 B.S. Later, this service was stopped. Kathmandu-Hetauda ropeway service was started in 2021 B.S. which carried goods from Hetauda to Kathmandu but this service is also stopped at present. The government has plan to build a ropeway from Surkhet to Jumla in near future. Kurintar-Manakamana cable car is the landmark in the ropeway system in Nepal. It covers 3.1 km which started in the year 2054 B.S. at a private level. Altogether 33 cable cars have been giving service to the people at a cheaper rate.
e. Waterways: Although, Nepal is the second richest countries in water resources, it lacks water transport. It can also be an important system of transport within and between the countries. Nepal has no access to the seas and oceans. Our water resources are limited to rivers and lakes. Our rivers can provide necessities of rafting. Many tourists have been attracted by the Rafting in Trishuli, Sunkoshi, Kaligndaki nd many other rivers. In some rivers, people use boats for carrying goods and people. Nepal Government hs surveyed 187 km long route of water from Ramdighat to Narayanghat and Narayanghat to Bhainsalotan. Boats are operated in Phewa and Begnas lakes to provide service to the tourists.
[Group Activities]
A- Explain the roadway service available in Nepal.
B- Explain the airway service in Nepal.
C- Explain the ropeway service in Nepal.
D- Explain the railway service in Nepal.
All groups present their work in 10 minutes.

[Residence Assignment]
No other infrastructure of development can flourish in the absence of effective transport system. Critically analyze the statement.
Transport and other infrastructures from the internet, news articles on the importance of transport, friends, parents, teachers and neighbors.

Presentation for the next day:
Group- B A short skit on the use of roadway and airway to carry goods and people.

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