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Picture required:

Mobile phone, post office, email, T.V., newspapers

Objective: To find out the available communication facilities in Nepal and promote and use them wisely.


Communication is another important infrastructure of development which contributes to bring the countries closer. We can communicate with the people who are living thousand miles away from us. Very efficient and fastest means of communication have been introduced like email, internet, telephone etc. which have made the countries and the people around the world quite close.

Nepal has made very good progress in the field of communication in the recent years.

  1. Postal Service: Postal service, in Nepal initiated in 1935 B.S. for the government functioning but in the year 1938 B.S., it was made public. Post offices in our country have been classified into four categories-General Post office, District Post Office, Area Post Office, and Additional Post Office. Collecting and delivering letters, money order, postal saving banking, etc. are the main functions of post office. Today, there are post offices in all district headquarters and most of the village development committees within the district.
  2. Radio Service: Radio is a very important mass means of communication. People can listen to national and international news at home with the help of radio. It also entertains us with radio-dramas, stories, songs and discussions. People can also get information on different fields like agriculture, health, population, industry and environment.

Radio Nepal was established in the year 2007 B.S. at Singha Durbar. Due to the geographical factors, these radio waves were blocked by high mountains and all places of Nepal were not communicated. Thus, Nepal government established transmission centers at Dhankuta, Mahottari, Pokhara, Surkhet and Dipayal. Today, many FM stations have been established in major cities of Nepal which has become very effective means of communication.

  1. Wireless: wireless is very important medium of communication to distant places of Nepal. It works without wires, unlike telephone, so it is called wireless. Wireless service started in Nepal in the year 2006 B.S. in 6 districts for government services. Later, it was extended to all 75 districts. Now many of these wireless stations have been replaced by telecommunication.
  2. Telephone: Telephone is advanced form of modern communication. It was introduced in 2007 B.S. although it existed during Rana period to their family only. Telephone has changed our life drastically. When the seellite station was installed in Nepal, telephone service was available on world-wide range.
  3. Television: It is very effective means of mass communication. TV is called an audio-visual means of communication. That’s why people today prefer watching television to listening radio. Television in Nepal, was introduced in the year 2042 B.S. Nepal government has established many transmission centres in different parts of Nepal to broadcast it in all parts of the country. Previously, there was only one T.V. station at Singha Durbar but today we have many private owned television channels like Kantipur, ABC, Image, Sagarmatha, Himalayan, Channel Nepal etc. which have been proved as an effective medium of communication inside and outside both.
  4. Motion Picture: Motion pictures or cinemas are also means of entertainment and communication. The films have some important socio-historic events, educational values and more. Royal Nepal Film Corporation was established in the year 2028 B.S. with the preparation of “Manko Bandh” although Satya Harishchand , Maitighar and Ama were prepared in Bombay earlier. Today, there are many private film companies which produce a number of films every year.
  5. Newspapers and Magazines: Newspapers and magazines are also very effective means of communication. Newspapers have become the daily diet of educated people today. Newspapers and magazines include news, views, opinions, notices, advertisements, weather report etc. which are extremely important for modern life. The first daily newspaper of Nepal is the Gorkhapatra introduced in the year1958 B.S. by Dev Shamsher. Today, we have a number of other newspapers and magazines published in Nepal like Kantipur, Kathmandu Post, Republica, Himalayan Times, Annapurna Post, Himal, Nepal etc.

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