Child Rights and Child Rights Movements in Nepal

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Objective: To identify the child rights and citizens’ responsibility on it.


Today’s children are the future of nation. They will lead the country in the path of progress, peace and prosperity. In order to make them able citizens of the country, we have to provide them with proper environment and child rights to develop their personalities. Contrary to this, many children in Nepal are seen begging in the street, working in factories, hotels restaurants, houses and public transportation. They are even exploited and not given proper wages. This leads to develop negative attitude in them and they may become drug addicts, gamblers, thieves, pick pockets and criminals.

The children are important parts of our country. It is our duty to protect their rights and all sorts of facilities to grow into capable citizens to serve the nation in the future. In the year 1924, child right declaration was made in Geneva. This important document in the world has guaranteed many basic child rights like:

  1. Right to be safe in mother’s womb.
  2. Right to take birth safely
  3. Right to get food
  4. Right to get protection from parents
  5. Right against exploitation
  6. Right against separation from parents
  7. Right to get education etc.

In the year 1989, the United Nations Organization passed a resolution for child rights which has been supported and approved by many countries of the world including Nepal. It means, they have to provide all the rights documented in the resolution.

However, the rights are not absolute but they are inter-related with duties. The children also have some duties like:

  1. To respect parents, teachers and elders
  2. To listen to others carefully
  3. To show loyalty to the nation
  4. To respect other’s right
  5. To be healthy and hygienic etc.


Child Right Movement in Nepal:

More than 40% of the population is children in Nepal. The condition of orphans, destitute and homeless children is pitiable. According to a recent data, more than 150 thousands children in Nepal are working in factories, industries and other risky works. If we ignore the condition of children, we can’t have bright future of the country.

Nepal government has emphasized on children’s health, food and education under National Children Committee. Parliament has passed a law and put a ban on employment of children below the age of 14 in any factories and industries. There are a number of organizations in Nepal to ensure and promote child rights like Nepal Bal Mandir, Nepal Children Organization, Children Workers in Nepal (CWIN), SOS Children Village, Save the Children Fund (UK and USA), UNICEF and ILO. In order to protect and promote child rights, we celebrate children’s day on 29th Bhadra (14th September) every year.

We should all contribute something at our level and try to raise awareness in the children of their rights where lies the bright future and well being of all of us.