Skilled Human Power for Development

Picture required:

Skilled people working in computers, doctors, engineer, pilot

Objective: To find out the importance of skilled human power to develop infrastructures


The most important means of development are human beings. They are the ones to mobilize all other resources to cater their needs. Thus, the people should be innovative, laborious and skillful to develop the nation.

In order to bring overall development of a country, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled all people are important. The skills and efficiency are achieved through education, trainings and experience. The people should be made familiar with the latest science and technology. If the people are well aware of their potential and get proper working environment, they improve the economic standard of the country.

Each nation should have proper plans and policies of producing required number of skilled human power. Nepal has also been producing a number of skilled human power but in an unplanned way which creates problems like unemployment, brain drain etc. through unplanned way of producing human power, some sectors will have unwanted human power whereas others will not have required number of skillful people like Nepal has over human power in agriculture and business but lacks adequate human power in the field of industries and medicine.

Many people of Nepal are working in foreign countries. Some are skilled and are showing their diligence and honesty whereas others are unskilled and are living painful life there. They should be trained to inculcate required skills. There should be no distinction of the people on the basis of work. Development of a country is possible through educated, skillful, laborious, determined, active and innovative people.

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