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Theme Overview An Inquiry into:  WE, OUR SOCIETY, OUR ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES AND THEIR IMPACTS (How we organize ourselves) An inspection into how humans organize, function and systematize themselves in society; the structure and function of organizations; administrative and economic activities and their impact on people and the environment. (An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decision-making; economic activities and their impact on humankind and the environment.)   Students will explore about becoming familiar about administrative division of the country in to development regions and Federalism along with the structure and importance of the organizations
Central Idea Development region and Federalism balances the development process in Nepal.
Line of Inquiry a.       Concept of development region and Federalism (Form) b.      Importance of Development region and Federalism (Function) c.       Development Projects / Works in Development Region of Nepal   Objective: – To find out how the country is divided into development regions/ states and the importance and justification of this division.  
Key Concepts Form, Function, change, Connection Related Concepts Development region, federalism, development projects, decentralization,
Subject Competencies Students’ desired learning outcomes include
Skills ·         Thinking Skills ·         Social Skills ·         Research Skills Content Connection to Language Arts The students will be given comprehension passage to improve their comprehension skills.
Content Connection to Social Studies Content Connection to Science
Content Connection to Math Content Connection to other subjects (Robotics)
Content Connection to Art, Music and PE Content Connection to Computer
Learning Plan (Activities) Development Region 1.      Read the list given below and draw a pie chart showing the area of five development regions: a.       EDR – 28,456 b.      CDR – 27,410 c.       WDR- 29,398 d.      MWDR- 42,378 e.       FWDR- 19,539 2.      Fill the five development region of Nepal in the map of Nepal and color each development region with a different colour.   Importance of Development Region and Federalism 1.      Find out the Countries that have federal system of government from different sources and discuss their present situation.   Development Projects of Nepal 1.      Discuss with your group about the advantages of development program and come to a conclusion. Stand-alone subjects/objectives   Development Projects of Nepal or Major Development Work in our Country
Formative Assessments Group Activities: A.      Write the geographical location of Nepal in the world with its size and area. B.      Write the historical background of administrative division in Nepal C.      Draw and outline map of Nepal and insert all development regions with their headquarters. D.     Discuss in your group and list out the importance of development regions. Development Works in Development Region Group Activities: A-     Explain and compare the development activities of EDR with others. B-     Explain and compare the development activities of CDR with others. C-     Explain and compare the development activities of WDR with others. D-    Explain and compare the development activities of MWDR and FWDR.   . Key Vocabulary abode, ports proportionate vast acceleration appropriate autonomous clauses decentralization disintegration merits proclaim duly province decade monarchy access empower fend implemented sanitation self-reliant destination diplomatic relation topography hindrance paradise
Summative Assessment   Home Assignment: Development Region Although 5 development regions were created to bring about overall development of the country, it is not happening as it should be. Give your critical opinion on it and suggest ways to make them work effectively. Source: Political division of Nepal through internet, Newspapers, Atlas book, Teachers, Friends and parents. Presentation for the next day: A-     A short skit on the people working in different projects in their region and extending their helping hands with each other.   Development Works in Development Region Although various development activities have been carried out in development regions, the level of development is not satisfactory. Suggest the ways to implement such activities in an effective manner so that the people get the real fruit of development. Source: Atlas book, Development Activities in Nepal and their funding from internet, Newspapers, Teachers, Parents and friends. Presentation for the next day: Group B- A short presentation sharing the clear picture of various development activities in 5 development regions.   Quiz from the unit: (This quiz will get 5% credit for the monthly evaluation) 1.      What is the total area of Nepal? 2.      What percent of the total land is occupied by Nepal in the world? 3.      What percent of the total land is occupied by Nepal in Asia? 4.      What percent of the total land is occupied by Nepal in South Asia? 5.      How far is Bay of Bengal (the nearest sea) from Nepal? 6.      How many zones and districts are there in Nepal? 7.      When was Nepal first divided into 4 development regions? 8.      When was MWDR created? 9.      Name the headquarters of EDR. 10.  Name the headquarters of CDR. 11.  Name the headquarters of WDR. 12.  Name the headquarters of MWDR. 13.  Name the headquarters of FWDR. 14.  Who was the king of Nepal when it was divided into 5 development region? 15.  Name the biggest development region. 16.  Name the smallest development region. 17.  Give any 4 importance of development region. 18.  What percent land of EDR is under cultivation? 19.  What percent land of CDR is under cultivation? 20.  What percent land of MWDR is under cultivation? 21.  What percent land of FWDR is under cultivation? 22.  Name any 3 major cash crops of EDR. 23.  Name the university established in EDR. 24.  Name the cement factory of EDR which is nationwide famous. 25.  Name any 4 trade and commercial centers of EDR. 26.  Name any 4 trade and commercial centers of CDR. 27.  Name any 4 trade and commercial centers of WDR. 28.  Name any 4 trade and commercial centers of MWDR. 29.  Name any 4 trade and commercial centers of FWDR. 30.  Name the biggest hydro-power station established in WDR. 31.  Name 2 universities established in CDR. 32.  Name the university established in WDR. 33.  What does INF stand for? 34.  What does UMN stand for? 35.  Name the country which has assisted to conserve forest in FWDR. 36.  Give any 4 importance of people’s participation in development projects.                                     Modifications / Extensions
Texts /  Resources Social Studies and Population Education – Read more Publication   YouTube Videos

Field Trips The students will be taken to a hydropower station in Nuwakot. Projects All groups will visit a development project/hydro-power station/industry in their locality and interview with the officials and local people around it. They prepare a detail report on the establishment, funding, participation of local people and its benefit and submit it to the teacher within a week time. The project will get 5% of the credit for the first month evaluation.  
Time line 2018 B.S.: Each development region has been further divided into districts and zones. Nepal has 14 zones and 75 districts which were created by Late King Mahendra. The headquarter of each development region monitors, supervises, coordinates, inspects and controls administrative work of the development region.   2029 B.S – Divided into 4 development regions i.e Eastern, Central, Western and Far-Western Development Regions.  – 2037 B.S. – Since Far-Western Development Region appeared to be the biggest, it was further divided into 2 creating Mid-Western Development Region. Thus we have 5 development regions existing at present.     Remarks
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