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Conducted Projects in Nepal

Objective : To find out the ongoing national projects in Nepal and be part of them to run these projects smoothly.


A Project is a planned programme to bring about development. Various development projects have been brought and implemented throughout the nation for the proportional development in all the areas. Such projects are either run by the government, Non-governmental Organizations (NGO), INGOs, Multinational companies or private sectors. The funds for these projects are collected from the donor agencies. The major projects conducted in Nepal are given below:

Name of Project Description Donor Agencies
Mobile Phone Distribution
  • Nepal Telecom has conducted a programme to distribute 43 lakhs mobile phones within the period of 3 years.
  • There will be telephone facility in all 75 districts of Nepal. When this project completes, every 16 of 100 people will be using mobile in their day to day life
Nepal Telecom
E:\pictures for Grade X\Unit 1\Karnali Solar energy.jpgSolar Lamp Distribution Project
  • Karnali Lighting Programme is conducted for the needy and indigenous community.
  • This programme will provide facility to 6 thousands families of Karnali zone and other 4 neighbouring districts- Bajhang, Bajura, Achham abd Jajarkot.
  • According to this scheme, each family will get the facility of lighting 2 electric bulbs and listen to a small radio.
  • The programme is supposed to have 3 benefits; the children will get to read in the evenings, locals will be enlightened by listening radio and they will have improvement in the health condition.
Nepal Government (95%) and consumers (5%)
Melamchi Drinking Water Project
  • This project has been launched to solve the scarcity of water in Kathmandu valley.
  • After the completion of this project, the daily supply of water will be 170 million litters. Its aim is to satisfy the scarcity of water in Kathmandu valley for a few years.
  • The water will be brought through a tunnel way from Melamchi- Sindhupalchowk and distributed in Kathmandu City.
Asian Development Bank, Donor countries and Nepal Government
Secondary Education Project
  • This is a long term project of 15 years which was started in the year 2060 B.S.
  • The programme aims to increase students’ enrolment in the secondary level and improve physical infrastructure of schools.
  • It also works for the revision of curriculum, text books and training materials.
  • This programme has been implemented throughout the country to assist the slogan of Nepal government “Education to Everyone.”
Asian Development Bank (ADB), Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) and Nepal Government