Lesson Plan

Theme Overview An Inquiry into:  OUR EXISTANCE (Where we are in place and time) An inquiry of discoveries, explorations, migrations of human beings; personal histories, and the interconnectedness of people and civilization, from local to global perspective. Or An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between and the interconnectedness of individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.
Central Idea The development is a progress, in both qualitative and quantitative.
Line of Inquiry a.       To be able to define development. (Form) b.      How does development occur? (Function) c.       Different types of resources and how it affects the development process. d.      Need of active participation of the people in the development of a country (Responsibility) e.       To find out the ways to achieve sustainable development and explain the concept of sustainable development. (Responsibility)  
Key Concepts Form, Function, Role, Responsibility Related Concepts Development, positive change, people’s participation, sustainable development, Social Development, Economic development, Human Development, Environment friendly
Subject Competencies Students’ desired learning outcomes include
Skills ·         Thinking Skills ·         Social Skills ·         Research Skills Content Connection to Language Arts The students will be given comprehension passage to improve their comprehension skills.
Content Connection to Social Studies Content Connection to Science
Content Connection to Math Content Connection to other subjects (Robotics)
Content Connection to Art, Music and PE Content Connection to Computer
Learning Plan (Activities) Development 1.      List down the changes that have come in the community where you live in the past and in the present. 2.      In which sector there is feasibility to develop our country Nepal? Make a list. Sustainable Development a.      Make plans for the maintenance of your school’s environment (garden, tree, plantation, cleaning) and implement them. Visit your community and observe, whether the measures to adopt sustainable development is implemented or not. Write about it and present it in the class.   Stand-alone subjects/objectives    
Formative Assessments   People’s Participation in Regional Development Works Group Activities: A-     What are the problems created to development projects when there is minimum local people’s participant? B-     How does people’s participation ensure safety for a development project? C-     Draw a picture which reflects people’s participation in development project. D-    It is said that people’s participation ensures faster and cheaper completion of development activity. How? Elaborate.   Sustainable Development 1.      What is Sustainable development? 2.      What are the goals/needs of sustainable development? 3.      When did the concept of sustainable come into existence? 4.      Define sustainable development according to World Conservation Strategy. 5.      How can we achieve sustainable development? Group Activities: (1)  Discuss in your group and write a paragraph on sustainable development. (2)  Discuss in your group and list out the disadvantages of unmanaged development programmes. (3)  Discuss in your group and list out the advantages of sustainable development. (4)  Discuss in your group and write a paragraph showing the relationship between sustainable development and conservation of environment.     Key Vocabulary constant financial Status pace primitive strive dynamic mobilize tremendous composite statistic durable organic farming prosperity bio-diversity ecosystem
Summative Assessment   Home Assignment: Peoples’ Participation in Regional Development Works Discuss with your friends, teachers or parents and find out the advantages of people’s participation in the development work. Source: Parents, friends, teachers, neighbours, newspapers and importance of people’s participation from the internet. Presentation for the next day: A short skit on local people’s participation in a development project and the safety and progress of the project   Sustainable Development Assignment: ·         Do we have sustainable development in Nepal? What points should be focused to adopt it fully? Elaborate. Source: Library encyclopedia, sustainable development and its advantages from the internet, newspapers, magazines, reports of UNEP and UNDP, teachers, family members and friends   Presentation for the next day: ·         A short skit on unsystematic industry, wastage around it, people are suffering from various problems. Finally, focus on environment friendly industrial development   Quiz from the topic Development   1.      What is development? 2.      Why does a society need to speed up the development process? 3.      What are the types of countries according to development ratio? 4.      Define developed country. 5.      How does Development occur? 6.      What should be done to make Nepal a developed country? 7.      What is active participation of people and why is it important in the development of a country? Measurement of Human Development 8.      Why is human development needed in development of a country? Write down the ways to measure human development index. 9.      Write a formula to calculate PCI and life expectancy of a country.   Sustainable Development 10.  What may be the problems that may occur while carrying out the development activities in Nepal? How can sustainable development help to solve the problems? 11.  Our Government has emphasized sustainable development? Give reasons to support your answer 12.  In what ways can sustainable development be practiced. 13.  Explain the importance of sustainable development 14.  Explain the terms i.                     Environmental sustainability ii.                   Economic Sustainability iii.                 Socio Political sustainability 15.  Has your community adopted the ideas that were taught to achieve sustainable development? Fill in the table with that information.
Implemented Ideas Ideas not implemented
  16.  Describe the roles played by the citizens in achieving sustainable development. 17.  What are the problems that may arise while carrying out the sustainable development?  
Modifications / Extensions Debate on “Developing countries should focus on industrial development- no need of thinking about natural environment.” ·         The facilitator helps all the groups with supporting points for and against the statement for 20 minutes. ·         2 members from different groups will speak for the motion and other 2 members will speak against the motion. ·         The facilitator evaluates and awards the points to the respective groups. The points will be added for the monthly evaluation.    
Texts /  Resources Social Studies and Population Education – Read more Publication   Reading Materials /Powerpoint Presentation   YouTube Videos Old DLE Model Questions  

Field Trips Students will observe the development activities within the School Community and their community.   Projects Development All groups will visit a development project/hydro-power station/industry in their locality and interview with the officials and local people around it. They prepare a detail report on the establishment, funding, participation of local people and its benefit and submit it to the teacher within a week time. The project will get 5% of the credit for the first month evaluation. Prepare a detail report on it in a standard format: u  Acknowledgement u  Introduction u  Objectives u  Methodology u  Findings u  Conclusion and recommendation    
Time line Development 1.      1949 A.D – Former American President Harry Truman ha used the word ‘Development’ for the first time. Sustainable Development 2.      1980s – Concept of sustainable development was realized 3.      1983 A.D – suggest the world on Environment and Development 4.      1987 – Brundtland Commision defined it as development that meets their own needs. Remarks