People’s Participation in Regional Development Works

Pictures required: A hydro-power where many people are working, People participating in a meeting

Objective: To find out the need and importance of people’s participation to make the projects successful


Development is a dynamic process in which people get direct benefit and improve their living standard. Every development is the result of sincere effort of the government and the people. People should not fully depend on government only for the operation of the development works in the country. In order to sustain the government introduced development projects, the local people should accept and suppot them. The local people understand the value and the impact of development project better. If the government activities are contrary to the interest of local people, they do not participate in such projects which results the waste of money, time and resources. The resources of the country remain unused. People are forced to live in their poor condition. Thus, people’s participation is the key to success for any development activity.

People’s participation ensures security, promotion and further enhancement of the development projects which stabilize the country’s good economic standard and continuously take them to the height of completion. The following points show the importance of people’s participation in the development projects in any nation:

  1. To understand the value of development activity better
  2. To identify the local means and resources
  3. To get support from international donor agencies
  4. To get skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour in a cheaper rate.
  5. To avoid any kind of protest and strike
  6. To avoid corruption
  7. To maintain harmonious relation between the project holder and the employees
  8. To make the development project safe
  9. To preserve and promote the development activity
  10. To carry out balanced development
  11. To enhance skills
  12. To take the responsibility and ownership
  13. To complete the development work faster