Unit Test

Unit 3 : Social Problems and Their Solutions

3.1 Our Social Problems
3.2 Corruption and Its Effects
3-3 Drug Addiction
3.4 Conflict and Its Management
3.5 Sustainable Development  
3.6 Good Governance
3-7 International Organizations

Unit Test
Project Assignment

Preparation for the Evaluation (Review of the Unit)

(The students find the solutions of each of the following questions. The facilitator just supervises and extends his/her helping hand if they are really confused in any question)

  1. Write down any two social problems of your community. What could be your role to solve these problems? Explain in brief.
  2. Explain the establishment of Red-Cross Society and its contribution.
  3. Explain the establishment of Scout and its contribution in Nepal.
  4. What is untouchability? What measures should be taken to overcome such problem?
  5. Prepare a model pamphlet containing anti corruption slogans.
  6. Why are dowry and Ghumto system considered as social perversions?
  7. Write the causes of drug addiction.
  8. What is deuki system? Why is it considered as a social problem?
  9. How are girls exploited in the factories and industries?
  10. Explain the establishment of SOS and its contribution in Nepal.
  11. How does UNHCR help the refugees to solve their problems? What does it do to the refugees in Nepal?
  12. Explain any four ways to prevent corruption in a country like Nepal.
  13. Many girls, even today, are cheated and sent to India or any other third countries. What are the causes and the preventive measures to control it?
  14. Despite the role played by CIAA to control corruption in our country why is it increasing day by day? Elaborate the reasons.
  15. Write down the role of CIAA. Is it working for the welfare of the country?
  16. If there was a drug addict in your family, how would you reform him/her?
  17. Girl trafficking is a social crime. What will be your contribution to stop it? Write any four contributions.
  18. What do you mean by domestic violence? What do you think the causes of severe violence of women by men in a country like Nepal?
  19. Who is called refugee? Which organization has been activated to solve the refugee problem? Explain.
  20. International Labour Organization has brought several programmes to end the child labour yet the problem is not solved. Write any four reasons for it.
  21. Give an introduction to United Nations High Commission for Refugees and mention its contribution for refugee management in Nepal in 3 points.
  22. Third country settlement to Bhutanese Refugees is being done. Is this the long term solution to the management of refugees? Write your views.