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Social Problems and Evils

Picture required: picture of dowry, drug addiction, drinking, domestic violence and corruption

Objective: To identify the existing social evils and be the part to solve them.


Many bad practices are appearing these days in Nepali Society. Some people misuse our religion and culture by smoking, drinking and taking drugs. It has degraded our social norms and values. These activities are unfortunate for the nation itself. If we do not eliminate these evils now, they will take the form of incurable disease in the future.

The evil practices can be divided into two categories; individual and social misconduct. When somebody is involved in evil practices and the doer alone is sufferer, it is called individual misconduct. It does not harm the society. But when the evil cross over the periphery of the individual, it harms the society and they become social misconduct. It would be wrong to say it is our right and nobody can prevent us from enjoying it in our society. If the use of individual rights brings negative effects, the society should restrict it. For example, a man gets intoxicated with opium or other alcoholic substance and is lying somewhere, it can be taken as individual misconduct. But if a drunkard abuses others, quarrels with others and damages the public property, it becomes social misconduct.

Many girls are sold by the relatives in India and are forced into prostitution. They are locked up and not allowed to go home. They are raped, tortured and they become victim of HIV/AIDS.

Stealing, robbery and dacoits are other social evils. Some steal minor things whereas some other steal big articles. Some people seize or snatch the things forcefully. Besides these, there are many social evils existing like proclaiming women as witches and giving them physical torture, gambling, corruption, exploitation, dowry, spending a lot of money in festivals etc.

Nowadays, numbers of social evils are increasing in our society. People are losing their religion, morality, culture and values. People are adopting misconducts developed in foreign countries like corruption, drug dealings, girls trafficking, terrorism etc. we should try our best to restrict them by our individual and joint effort. We should make everyone conscious about the bad impacts of the evil practices. People’s participation can play a vital role because government alone can’t control them. If we notice any social misconducts, we should inform the policeand help them to eliminate all kinds of social misconducts from our society.