Sustainable Development

Objective : To find out the ways to achieve sustainable development and explain the concept of sustainable development.


The term ‘sustainable’ refers to durable or bearable. The development that fulfils the needs of present generation without damaging the resources for future generation is called sustainable development.

Development programmes should be environment friendly. In the name of fulfilling growing needs of people, we should not overuse the resources. The over exploitation of natural resources results the climate change which has created various problems.

There is direct relationship between production and pollution. If more goods are produced, more pollution is created. The situation becomes worse and the future generations suffer. There will be shortage of clean air, water, forest, land etc. and the survival for the present and future generation becomes very difficult.

The concept of sustainable development with the preservation of the environment, controlling overuse of natural resources is extremely necessary for us. We should use such process and technology which increases our productivity without hampering our natural environment. The main aim of sustainable development is to maintain balance between population, resources, environment and development. We must be cautious about chemical fertilizers, use of insecticides, industrial wastage and emphasize on the instruments that reduce the rate of pollution in the development activities.

The advantages of development activities are:

  1. It develops the economic standard of the country
  2. It preserves the natural resources and environment
  3. It increases the productivity considering the needs of future generation
  4. It improves the quality of life
  5. It directs the country towards self sufficient
  6. It generates employment opportunities to the people
  7. It contributes to increase the life expectancy
  8. It brings overall development in long run

Developing countries like Nepal generally copy and follow what the developed countries have been doing without proper management of waste and the system of preserving natural resources and environment. We must also learn how they are controlling pollution and use different instruments to balance between natural environment and development.

Group Activities:

  1. Discuss in your group and write a paragraph on sustainable development.
  2. Discuss in your group and list out the disadvantages of unmanaged development programmes.
  3. Discuss in your group and list out the advantages of sustainable development.
  4. Discuss in your group and write a paragraph showing the relationship between sustainable development and conservation of environment.

Presentation: All groups present their works in 10 minutes


  • Do we have sustainable development in Nepal? What points should be focused to adopt it fully? Elaborate.

Source: Library encyclopedia, sustainable development and its advantages from the internet, newspapers, magazines, reports of UNEP and UNDP, teachers, family members and friends

Presentation for the next day: Group C

  • A short skit on the unsystematic industry, wastage around it, and people suffering from various problems. Finally, focus on environment-friendly industrial development