Dowry and Brain Drain

Unit 3 : Social Problems and Their Solutions

3.1 Our Social Problems
3.2 Corruption and Its Effects
3-3 Drug Addiction
3.4 Conflict and Its Management
3.5 Sustainable Development  
3.6 Good Governance
3-7 International Organizations

Unit Test
Project Assignment


Objective: To find out the various social problems and effects of bad customs in society and solve such problems. Also, provide possible help to overcome such bad customs.


The traditional way of doing things in a particular society practised comparatively longer period without any interval is known as custom. Generally, customs are practised for more than 100 years and traditions are less than that with intervals. When a certain way of doing things become a custom, it is powerful like legislative law. Everybody has to follow it. Even the legislative body does not make any law against such customs. But the bad customs of the society must be eradicated. Some of the bad customs of our society are given below:


  1. Dowry System:

The property or money was given to the daughter in her farewell ceremony after marriage is called dowry. She takes it to her husband’s home. Time and again, we read the news that women are tortured physically and mentally by their husbands and their families for not taking enough dowries. This bad custom is prevalent all over Nepal but the terai part is badly affected by it. All conscious people should work hand in hand to abolish this bad practice and establish a just and exploitation free society.

2. Intellectual Migration / Brain Drain :

Income from overseas is one of the most important components of the Gross National Product in the context of Nepal. Many people of Nepal have gone to different countries of the world. They work there with their skills, hard work and full dedication. Their earnings greatly contribute to the GNP of our country. Nepalese people do not have enough job opportunities in the country. In order to earn their livelihood and surplus income, they find foreign employment the best option and go to different countries of the world. Although it provides opportunities to jobless people and benefits for a short period of time, it does not help the country in the long run because of the brain drain. When skilful people of Nepal go abroad, the available resources of the country can’t be utilized and the country remains backwards.

The following table shows the number of people who migrated overseas:

Areas/Countries 1991 2001
Number Percentage Number Percentage
India 587,243 89.2 589,050 77.3
Other South Asian nations 4,977 0.8 2,691 0.3
Western Asia 6,343 1.0 11,826 14.5
Other Asian Countries 20,024 3.0 33,785 4.4
Europe 6,404 1.0 11,157 1.5
North America 2,150 0.3 1,997 1.3
Other countries 581 0.1 5,115 0.7
Not mentioned 30,566 4.6

Source: Population Report of Nepal 2064

The following table shows the number of people who got labour visa for foreign employment:

Country 058/59 059/60 060/61 061/62 062/63 063/64
Malaysia 52,926 43,812 45,760 66,291 75,526 74,029
Saudi Arab 21,094 17990 16,875 13,366 15,813 39,279
UAE 8,411 12,650 12,760 12,726 15,317 25,172
Qatar 19,895 26,850 24,128 42,394 55,892 60,005
Kuwait 378 907 3,194 1,789 640 4,441
Hong kong 482 564 672 523 140 261
Bahrain 695 818 606 536 540 1,200
South Korea 131 712 1,324 327 131 765
Israel 16 55 433 815 876 405
Oman 96 44 73 330 28 509
others 610 641 835 864 349 655
Total 104,732 105,043 106,660 139,961 165,252 204,721

Source: Department of Employment and Labor

Group Activities:

  1. Complete the following table:
Bad customs Ways to abolish them
Dowry system
Brain Drain

2. Prepare a news article on Dowry System.

3. Prepare a poster to raise awareness against the dowry system.

4. Explain why Nepalese youths are attracted to foreign employment.

5. List out the possible dangers for the country if the trend of foreign employment continues.


  • Find out a social evil that has been deeply rooted in your community. Elaborate on any 4 ways to avoid such social evil.

Source: Documentary on bad customs, newspapers, ways to abolish all bad customs from the internet, teachers, neighbours and family members.

Presentation for the next day: Group B

  • A short skit on one of the bad customs i.e. dowry system. At the end of the skit, the message has to be clear that the custom is abolished by the combined effort of all people.