Contribution of Nepal to Maintain International Understanding and Relation

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Picture of Nepalese army fighting for peace, NAM meeting, Nepali leader giving a speech in UNO, Nepali team participating in Olympic Games

Objective: To find out Nepal’s contribution in the world for peaceful co-existence


International relation means the human relationship between the people in the world. Some countries are poor and some are rich, some are powerful and some are weak, some nations create problems and others solve them.

Nepal identifies itself as a peace-loving nation in the world. Nepal does not attack others and tries to find the solutions to every dispute in a peaceful manner. Nepal brought the proposal of declaring Nepal as a zone of peace which was accepted by more than 120 nations in the world.

Nepal has joined UNO which is the common forum of all countries to maintain cordial relations with each other and adopt peaceful methods to solve all problems in the world. Nepal’s contribution to UNO and international understanding has been notable since it got membership in 1955 A.D.

Nepal has been contributing to world peace by sending the Nepalese army on a UN peacekeeping mission. Nepalese army has always been successful to avoid wars and maintain peace in all the places they are deputed. Thus, they are the first choice of UN Peace Keeping Mission!

Nepal is an active member of the Non-Aligned Movement. Nepal follows the principles of NAM and does not side with any group to raise the wars rather it maintains good relations with both weak and powerful nations to promote world peace and cooperation.

Nepal has been participating in Olympic Games to promote international understanding, besides this, it also organizes regional games like SAG (South Asian Games) and ACC cricket tournaments.

Nepal welcomes all people from the world as tourists, researchers, environmentalists, human rights activists, etc.

The heads of nations in Nepal also exchange visits with other nations which ultimately promote international brotherhood, mutual trust, cooperation, peace and develop human civilization.

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