Our Relation with Germany and France:

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Map of Germany and France, German and French Tourists, picture of modernized agriculture

Objective: To find out the relation of Nepal with Germany and France and their assistance to Nepal.



Relationship with Germany:

Germany lies at the heart of Europe. It is one of the G-8 countries. Its capital is Berlin.

Nepal and Germany established diplomatic relationship in the year 1972 A.D. The heads of Germany and Nepal exchange their good will visits to strengthen the friendship tie. Germany has been helping Nepal in many ways:

  1. Germany imports Nepalese carpets, handicrafts and other art works. So, Nepal earns foreign currency.
  2. Germany has provided scholarships to Nepalese students for higher studies in Germany.
  3. It has helped Nepal providing agricultural training and tools.
  4. It has helped Nepal in waste management.
  5. It has assisted Nepal in small hydro power and bio-gas plants.
  6. It has helped in forest conservation in Chure range of Nepal.

Relationship with France:

France lies in the western part of Europe. Its capital is Paris. The Eiffel Tower, one of the seven wonders of the world is situated in Paris. The major cities of France are Paris, Versailles, Marssailes, Lyon etc.

Nepal and France have been very good friends after Jung Bahadur visited France in 1850 A.D. the diplomatic relation between France and Nepal was established in the year 1959 A.D. France has been helping Nepal in many ways:

  1. Annapurna Mountain was first scaled by the French Expedition team in 1951 A.D.
  2. It has given scholarships to many Nepalese students for higher studies in France.
  3. France has supported the peace zone proposal of Nepal.
  4. Several village development projects have been running in Nepal with French assistance.
  5. It has also helped in small hydro power plants in Nepal.