Economic Activities of North America

Objective               :     To explain the economic and social activities of North America and compare them with Nepal.



North America, having vast economic resources, has mobilized all the resources to a great extent. The United States and Canada are the most developed countries of North America. People are involved in industries, services, trade and business, mining, fisheries, fisheries, agriculture, animal husbandry etc. the major economic activities of North America are given below:


  1. Agriculture:

Agriculture is commercialized in North America, mainly in USA and Canada. About 10% land is under cultivation and 10% of the total population is involved in it. People cultivate big farm with modern machines. Scientific method and proper fertilizers have been used to produce maximum. North America is the leading producer of wheat, barley, maize, oats and soybeans. Other crops like rice, cotton, tobacco, sugarcane, fruits etc. are also grown well. The farmers in North America are highly respected and have good economic status. They have the values like dignity of labor; work is worship etc. which makes every field better day by day.


  1. Animal Husbandry:

Animal husbandry has developed on a commercial scale. Cattle are reared mainly in temperate grassland area. There are modern slaughter houses for processing and packing the meat. USA is the largest producer is beef in the world. In Canada, people are involved in trapping the fur bearing animals and have established many fur farms. Canadian fur is well known and highly demanded for clothes all over the world. The people in animal husbandry have high status in the society compared to Nepal. They get the huge market of their products from animal rearing.


  1. Industries:

USA and Canada are highly developed countries in the field of industries. Due to the availability of infrastructures of industrial development like raw materials, transportation, communication, enough capital, skilled human power, good market for their industrial products etc have resulted a very good earnings for the people and the government in different countries. Canada exports vehicles, petroleum and aluminum and USA exports aircrafts, vehicles, chemicals and machineries. The industrialists, government as well as the people involved in this sector like workers and traders are highly benefitted because of the good market and high demands of the goods of these industries.



  1. Fisheries:

Fishing also is commercialized occupation in the continent. The Grand Banks of Newfoundland Island in the Atlantic Ocean and west coast in Pacific Ocean are major fishing areas of USA and Canada. The fish are caught by powered boats and modern machines. Large quantity of fish is exported to other countries and continents. They have big market of the caught fish and are in high demands in many parts of the world.


Besides these, people are also involved in trade, forestry, services and tourism where they earn maximum to raise their economic standard. Many foreigners are willing to go and work there because of the attractive income. At the same time, the governments of USA and Canada have adopted the policy of attracting the skilled human power towards their countries in the name of DV Lottery (Diversity Visa) to USA and Immigration to Canada.