Unit 2 : Our Social Norms and Values


2.1 Customs and Traditions of Nepal

2.2 Religions Followed in Nepal

2.3 Social Goodwill

2.4 Nepal: A Beautiful Garden

2.5 National Heritage

2.6 International Personalities



Unit Test

Project Assignment


BLE Questions

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Activities
  3. Note
  4. Group Activities
  5. Video
  6. Quiz
  7. Exercises
  8. Residence Assignment
  9. Presentation
  10. DLE Questions
  • Insert the following facts in the map of Africa:
  Canary Island, Kalahari Desert, Cape Town, River Nile, Tropic of Cancer, Mediterranean Vegetation, River Senegal, Lake Chad, Tropic of Capricorn, Tripoli City, Gulf of Guinea, River Cairo, Zaire Basin, Somali Peninsula, Comoros Island, Petroleum production area, Congo Basin, Veld, Goldmine, River Orange, Whole year rainfall area, Mashai Caste settlement area, Gulf of Aden, Lake Rudolf(Lake Turkana) and Winter Rain area        Source: Atlas book, world geography, encyclopedia, teachers, friends and family members.  

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